Home Alarm SystemsSecurity cameras, home alarm systems, and residential security are no longer just for the rich and famous. Advances in technology and lower costs have made home security systems a reality for families across the country who want to see what’s happening in and around their homes while they are away.

Video surveillance keeps an eye on contractors, employees, pets, children, and elderly family members in the home. They also monitor vulnerable areas like medicine drawers, liquor cabinets, safes, or swimming pools. Today, affordable and easy-to-use home alarm systems provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Home Security Systems

Unfortunately, we can’t be in all places at all times. Today’s security cameras offer HD-quality recording, night vision, and 24-hour monitoring from a convenient mobile app. Remote access provides comfort and reassurance to see that all is well at home while you’re away.

Indoor Security Cameras

Any home alarm system starts with a few indoor cameras. These sleek, stylish, and inconspicuous devices fit seamlessly into any room and are installed without damage to the walls or ceiling. Every camera connects through your home Wi-Fi to protect access and streams live feed to your smartphone or tablet with an easy-to-use app.

You can also see that your children arrived home safely from school, the nanny is preparing a healthy meal, and your pet is secure and happy – all while you’re out running errands, on a business trip, or stuck at the office. Our indoor cameras allow for…

  • Clear images, thanks to 720p HD video
  • Work in both dark or low-light environments
  • Motion activated activity to be monitored
  • Receiving video clips automatically when any motion is sensed
  • Easy blending in, in any room, with any décor
  • Wi-Fi-protected access

Wireless Outdoor Security

One of the best ways to prevent an intruder is to show him that your Louisville home is protected. Studies have shown that most burglars will avoid a home with a security system and move along to one that’s not protected. Just the presence of a visible security camera or a motion sensor lights is enough to stop them in their tracks. Some would-be thieves will stalk your home before they attempt a break in. If a thief still attempts a break-in, most times the audible alarm will scare him away, but security cameras can still help law enforcement.

You can also use your outdoor security cameras to remotely monitor swimming pools, play areas, and other high-risk properties. Having outdoor security cameras can protect your friends, family, and neighbors. Use remote home alarm systems to secure your garage, carport, or vacation and rental properties the same way as you protect your primary residence.

  • Only requires a power source and Wi-Fi connection
  • Built-in heater to keep the camera working in freezing temperatures
  • Weatherproof: snow, rain, and humidity-resistant for years.
  • Wi-Fi-protected access
  • Professional installation to get you the best angles
  • Live feed and recording options.

Video Doorbell

Your front door is your first line of defense to your home, but it can also be your most vulnerable. Many thieves will simply walk into your home through the front door, most will even knock first to see if you’re home. With our video doorbells, you can not only see, but you can also speak to anyone who comes to your door. Whether you are upstairs or across town, our doorbells use two-way audio so you can speak to your visitors and let them know whether they are welcome, or not.

  • Clear, HD quality images
  • Wide angle camera
  • Two-way audio to speak to your visitors from your phone
  • Motion activated to record instantly
  • Receive notifications on your smartphone every time someone approaches the door

Motion Detector Sensors

A motion sensor, or motion detector, is a critical part of a home security system. It triggers lights, cameras, and alarms to deter any potential threats. If any movement trips a sensor, your security system’s control panel receives a signal and alerts you to a potential threat in your home. Our security sensors are so advanced that they understand what a threat is and what is not, making false alarms triggered by pets a thing of the past.

  • Pet-friendly
  • Wide range
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Batteries last an average of seven years and provide an alert when they run low
  • Choose between wired and wireless options to fit the setup of your home
  • Professional Installation

Window & Door Alarm Sensors

Whether you’re worried about a burglar sneaking in, or a teenager sneaking out, door and window sensors trigger an alarm and an alert to your smartphone anytime they are opened. You can choose to arm only select windows and doors or put one on every access point in your Louisville home.

  • Immediate alert of unauthorized entry or exit
  • Plenty of options to choose what works best for your home.

Smart Home Security Keypads

Our smart home security keypad controls your entire system with the press of a button. At first glance, it appears to be a simple keypad. The truth is, they have been through hundreds of hours of testing with lab engineers to ensure they’ll perform in any emergency situation. Our proprietary software not only meets, but exceeds, high safety standards to protect your home and family. It’s an easy, all-in-one solution that supports multiple devices and allows you to customize the functions to exactly what you need.

  • Separate Panic Buttons
  • Call for fire, police or medical help
  • Backlit numbers
  • Reminder Tones
  • Entry and exit tones

Panic Buttons

When you need help, and you need it fast, we can be there within minutes. Whether you’ve had a fall, severe allergic reaction, or a home invasion, the panic button gets you the help you need.

The panic button system comes in a key fob, lanyard, or wristband that lets you call for police, fire, or medical help with the press of a button. As soon as you press the button, a dispatch agent receives the alert and sends your local first responders to your location instantly. The wireless system makes it easy to take it with you if you go for a walk or are outside entertaining guests. Now, you can be taken care of, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

  • Available as a keypad, fob or wearable button
  • Water-Resistant
  • Tactile, recessed buttons to minimize false alarms
  • Professional 24/7 Monitoring

Flood Sensors

Never before has a home alarm system been sophisticated enough to notice leaks and water damage, until now. Our system detects water in the home and notifies you before it does extensive damage. Now if your dishwasher leaks, the roof is damaged, or your pipes burst while you’re on vacation, you can get it taken care of immediately.

Our sensors can be placed anywhere in your Louisville home, where leaking might occur. As soon as they detect moisture, they send a notification to your mobile phone. Then, you can view indoor cameras to assess damage, call emergency services and automatically unlock your door to let contractors in.

  • Wireless flexibility
  • Battery-powered sensors to make installation easy in hard-to-reach places
  • Numerous applications
  • Protect valuable property

Home Automation

Home automation technology makes it possible to lock the doors, close the garage, turn on the coffee maker, turn down the thermostat, and flip the lights on – all from your smartphone. Combining home automation with your home alarm system is the best way to not only see what is going on but also being able to take action instantly. Now you can always be on guard, even when you’re not home.

Monitoring Services

Our 24/7 year-round monitoring is the best in the industry. We have thousands of trained call operators available at all times to make sure you are protected without any hiccups in service. We understand your life could depend on it, so we take no chances. As one of the top nationwide home security providers, we have more than double the monitoring capabilities of the next leading competitor.

Security System Installation

Our executive team has years of expertise in the security industry, providing homeowners in Louisville, KY with the best possible experience. We work around your schedule and show up on time to get your entire system up and running within hours. We customize each system to your needs, your home, and your budget to give you the best equipment, monitoring and customer service available in the industry.

Home alarm systems are no longer a service for only select homeowners. More and more busy parents and pet owners are choosing cameras and sensors to protect their loved ones and properties. For less than the cost of a family of four having dinner out, you can get peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you’re interested in learning more about our home alarm systems, give us a call today.

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