Commercial Security SystemsYour business represents your income, your retirement, and perhaps, your legacy. It’s worth protecting.

Commercial security systems aren’t just for major corporations. You have many critical elements to your business including files, computers, inventory, intellectual property, sensitive rooms, etc. You never know when or where trouble can present itself. A wireless commercial security system seamlessly protects against burglaries, but can also protect against fire, vandalism and unauthorized access.

Commercial security systems come in many different shapes and sizes to protect what is most important to you. Each security system is customized to keep your company safe from every angle.

Commercial Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems

Businesses lose billions of dollars each year to theft. From shoplifting to employee theft, your business is vulnerable if left unprotected. Security cameras allow you to see what is happening, even when you’re not at the office. You can watch customers, employees, contractors, clients, and vendors anytime, anywhere.

Commercial security camera systems provide an effective deterrent by being visible without being intrusive. They also help file an insurance claim for theft or damages if necessary. Whether you want to keep an eye on what’s going on inside your office, outside your building, or maybe a little of both, we’ve got you covered. Our commercial security systems offer features for your specific needs, such as:

  • HD video quality inside and out
  • Night vision
  • License plate capture
  • Vandal-proof design
  • Viewing range up to 40 meters
  • Digital zoom
  • Frame-by-frame viewing

Burglary Monitoring

Our nationwide burglary monitoring allows you to leave the office, without leaving yourself exposed. Each monitoring system is customized to your business and can include motion sensors, glass break detectors, contact sensors, keypads, and fobs. If triggered, the sensors let off a high-intensity siren and strobe light, available in clear, amber, red and blue.

All of our sensors are weather resistant for outdoor use and connect to our 24/365 monitoring center. As soon as we sense a problem, emergency responders are dispatched and you are contacted immediately. Even if the power is cut off, the backup battery ensures you maintain protection no matter what.

  • Control panel/keypad
  • Easily arm your business when you leave for the day
  • Call for fire, police or medical help any time, day or night
  • Multiple detectors to strategically protect what matters most

Access Control – Card Access Systems

Old fashioned lock and keys may work for a handful of employees, but this system isn’t effective for companies who want to track the comings and goings of employees and visitors. A card access system lets you set up controls for which of your employees and visitors have access to what areas of your business. This can be especially vital if you handle sensitive information or materials.

Our customizable solutions mean that specific employees can use badges, wireless technology, or codes to gain access to the buildings, rooms, and spaces while keeping others out. Control access systems allow you to control employee access, track hours, manage data breaches, and lock down emergency situations.

  • 1-4 door hosted access control with programmable cards
  • Audio and video options

Fire Detection and Alarms

Your office building, warehouse, or restaurant likely has smoke detectors, but they don’t do any good if no one is there to hear them. Our monitored smoke detectors come with 24/7 fire alarm monitoring to alert both you and the fire department at the first sign of excessive heat or smoke.

Early detection of fire and smoke is critical to protecting your business. That’s why our system isn’t self-reliant and doesn’t need power or a wi-fi signal to call for help. We are there when you need us most. Our fire alarm systems offer the following options:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fast emergency response anywhere in the country
  • Immediate alerts to your smartphone

Smart Security and Automation for Your Business

As a small business owner or manager, you can use all the extra eyes, ears, and hands you can get. Use small commercial automation to run a safe, more efficient operation and keep a closer eye on the office. We integrate knowledge with action by combining video surveillance and automated alerts with a web portal that gives you total control over every aspect of your business. This saves time and money by giving you control from wherever you are.

Eliminate security concerns, turn off the lights, close the door, and lock the warehouse from almost any device.

  • Commercial automation at the touch of a button
  • Easily control your systems in one place
  • Seamlessly manage your business security

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Any area of your business will be easily and continuously monitored via a computer, phone or tablet. You can keep tabs on what’s going on at the office, regardless if you’re out to lunch or out of the country.

In addition to personal monitoring capabilities, our security solutions are connected to a nationwide network of professional monitoring stations. We have the most widely available service and more than double the monitoring capabilities than any other competitor in the industry.

If any sensors, triggers, or suspicious activity is detected, our monitoring agents are extensively trained to handle any type of emergency system to protect your business, any day, any time.

Security System Installation

Our customers trust us to protect what can’t be replaced, remade, or rebuilt. We take that trust seriously by providing professional installation and instruction for each commercial security system. For most of Louisville, KY, we offer same-day or next-day service to install your security system and have it running by the end of the day. Before each installation, the products are tested to ensure they’ll perform in real-life scenarios. Our expert security technicians test the entire system to ensure you’re 100% protected.

Protect Your Business

Security is essential for any business. You can’t be profitable if you can’t protect your assets. From video surveillance systems to card access and 24/7 security monitoring, we now have access to immensely powerful security that is cost effective for both small and large companies.

Whether you need an extensive system covering multiple locations or just a few cameras to watch the storefront, we have a solution for everyone. Let us help better protect what you’ve built.

For more details and information about our commercial security systems, give us a call today.

Eliminate your worries and protect what matters to you!

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