The safety of your family is your top priority. We understand that. That’s why your family’s safety is our top priority too.

We are the leading security company to service the Louisville Metro area. Our state-of-the-art alarm systems allow us to watch over you, so you can watch over everything else. We ensure top of the line products and services to provide you with top of the line experiences for your home or your business, each and every time.

From the classic systems, like surveillance cameras and fire alarms, to the latest in-home automation, we provide products and services catered to your individual needs, safeguarding you and your loved ones against all threats.

Our expert technicians are trained and qualified and work tirelessly until the job is finished. We promise to equip your home or business with the security system of your choosing, providing you with the tools and technology to meet your needs, meet your budget, and ease your worries.

With a variety of options to choose from, we find the product that makes the perfect fit. Our promise is to help you protect the things that cannot be replaced, remade, or rebuilt.

Protecting your property with an in-home alarm system is now easier than ever. Lower costs and more options suited for your needs are now easier than ever to access. Now, you can literally be in two places at once.

Video surveillance allows you to see what’s happening in your home, even when you’re not there. Connecting your system to your smartphone means you can see what’s happening, 24/7, 365 days a year. Residential security allows you to stay in control, stay alert, and monitor your home, regardless if you’re across town for lunch or across the country on business.

Our family works to protect yours. A smart home is a safe home. We bring you the best of both technologies to find a security system that protects what, and who, are inside.

It’s never been easier to keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are. Our home security cameras allow you to monitor what happens in your home, inside and out. Now, you can see who’s at the door, who’s in the yard, and which child broke the lamp in the living room while you were cooking dinner in the kitchen.

Our home security cameras stream live surveillance feed right to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can save valuable recordings, replay clips over again, or check in on the kids at home before you head to that meeting at the office.

Whatever you need, we can provide. Our home security cameras mean you have peace of mind, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Our fire and safety products ensure to deliver reliable solutions when the biggest of problems arise. We test each product, before and after installation, to ensure that in event of a potentially dangerous situation, we can respond quickly and calmly.

Our system and our products connect to our 24/7, 365 monitoring center so we can keep a watchful eye, even when you can’t. We can dispatch emergency services and first responders to your home, as soon as a problem is detected.

Our system and our company monitor and detect the things you can’t. We can send responders to a dangerous situation before you even know you have one. Once we react to the situation, we alert you right away. We take care of your home, of you and your family, regardless of where you are.

Smart home technology has come a long way from basic programmable thermostats and clapper lights. Instead of “Clap on! Clap off!” home automation is now silent, sophisticated and secure.

Turn on the lights before you pull in the driveway from that late-night movie? Sure. Program your thermostat from the beach? Yep. Think you left the garage door open on your way out this morning? No problem. With one of our home systems in place, you can automate almost everything, exactly the way you want. The possibilities are literally endless.

You can turn your home into a more safe, secure, and controlled environment by installing a home automation system.  We bring you the power to run your home like a well-oiled machine, all at the touch of a button.

“I feel so safe in my home thanks to Home Security Pros of Louisville! I can’t thank you enough!”

Jill Thompson - Louisville, KY

“After a few break-ins in my neighborhood, I decided that a home security system was a must. I am so happy that I chose Home Security Pros. The team was so friendly and efficient. Thank you!!”

Steven Perkins - Louisville, KY

Eliminate your worries and protect what matters to you!

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